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Friday, September 5, 2014

Time for Another Reality Check

Who came up with this "Reality Check" thing any way?  Oh

Oh goodness.  This one is gonna hurt.

Ok.  I'll do it pulling off a bandaid.

Ready?  Set?

Wait!!   Really, these are bad!  I'm not sure I wanna...

Oh, good grief!  Here goes:

I've been really busy blogging and making so many other things pretty that I haven't given any attention to my front flower beds!  Look!!  See??!

What?  You don't think they're that bad?  

Ok, I was going easy on you.  Here.

Nutsedge!  Grrr!  It looks like a lawn in my flower bed.

And these vines and huge pokeweed and whatever that other stuff is.

And THESE are the holly bushes that ate the front of my house!

I used the telephoto lens for these pics.  It makes me feel I'm looking at this jungle in the far, far distance.  Not outside my front door.

I should have kept up with the weeding but I've been busy and we've had a pretty wet summer here and these things grew, weeds.  And, we have snakes!

No, I'm not making up excuses.  Why do you ask?

Ok, maybe those are excuses but there's NO excuse for this!

(Cue the dramatic horror movie music)

I know!  It's bad!  Bad bad!  I'm glad fall is just around the corner.  You know, the time of year when everything is supposed to die...anyway.  And the worst part, (sobbing) I went through the Master Gardener program!  

They will probably be knocking on my door any minute demanding that I hand over my certificate!

However, all is not lost.  Sweet hubby hit some of these areas with weed control this past week.  Out here where we live, in the boonies, it isn't just typical yard weeds.  It's field weeds like wild blackberries (which I'm thankful for), poison ivy (which I'm not thankful for), nutsedge (again, not thankful), and other very hardy nuisances.  And, did I mention we have snakes!  For real!  And, not just the good kind either we've had several rattlesnakes.  (Again, not thankful.)

I'm sorry poor Mr. Hanging Basket That Contained Some Flower I Can't Even Identify Now!  
(You'll notice I didn't watermark these photos.  Yep, shame not to put my name on these beauties.  I know I'll be missing all sorts of fame when they go viral on Pinterest...hahaha...not)

Ok, so reality check...I've got some weeding and planting and pruning to do!  Thankfully our house sits about 400 feet from the road so passersby can't really see how bad it is.  And, thankfully, the whole yard isn't that bad.  

Here's what I see most of the time from my house...the backyard and pond.
(That's the field where I did this tablescape post.)

And, the fig tree in the backyard is doing nicely.

The Rose of Sharon that I transplanted is also blooming beautifully, too.

Sadly, the front yard is kind of "out of sight, out of mind" because I rarely go out front.  We spend most of our outdoor time in the backyard.  I guess now, it'll be spent weeding the flowerbeds with my mud boots and extra long gardening gloves on because...did I mention we have snakes?!

I'll be out front if you need me.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!


Ok, so here's one kinda, sorta pinnable photo for ya, if you feel you want to do the Pinterest thing :)

The farm pond near sunset

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