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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Master Bedroom Sun Porch Makeover - Bohemian Style

sunroom sun porch 80s contemporary house spain hill farm

Remember this sun porch from our "new" house tour?  It's a small room off the master bedroom and the view makes one feel like you're in a tree house.

I knew the moment I stepped through the doors when viewing this house that this was going to be MY space.  My own little retreat to do my devotions, read books, take naps, hide from everyone.  Oops, did I say that out loud? :D

The first thing I had done was to hire a local window washing company to wash ALL the windows and skylights (there are 7..SEVEN in this house!)  It was actually more reasonable that I was expecting but I will say it may only be a once every year or two splurge.  

The carpet is fairly new so I didn't have to replace the flooring in this area.  So I began with selecting a few furniture pieces...mainly, this amazing daybed from World Market and the blue rattan chair and ottoman from Wayfair.

World Market rattan daybed sun porch makeover spain hill farm

Isn't it cool!?!  With the cedar siding exterior in this space, I felt a boho feel fit best with the wood.  And, my two favorite colors, blue and orange go right along with the boho look.

walmart blue velvet bolster pillows spain hill farm

I found these beautiful blue velvet bolster pillows at Walmart.  They were about $16 each and look like ones that cost much more.  The other pillows I snagged from around the house.

After the furniture and bedding were done, I just had to finish it off with the wall decor.  One inexpensive way to fill a large space is to do a gallery wall.  The wall behind the daybed is a filled with straw hats I purchased at thrift store.  They make a big impact for about $20 total.

The side tables were purchased at a yard sale years ago and the rugs are from a local discount store that sells overstock merchandise from Target and Amazon.  Lots of great deals but you have to visit often before they're sold out. 

So that's a wrap.  Now, I'm off to grab a mug of coffee and my favorite book.  You know where to find me if you need me!


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sun porch sunroom makeover 80s contemporary cedar siding home spain hill farm