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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The goodies I found yesterday!

I had to travel to Cookeville, TN, yesterday to meet my sister.  I had been there a few weeks ago and found an antique store that I wanted to visit again.  Well, that visit was pretty much unfruitful.  I picked up a couple of vintage office rubber stamps but nothing exciting.  However, I saw another antique store around the corner that I had not noticed before.  It was on Main Street and I assumed it would be somewhat expensive being right in the middle of downtown...WRONG!  They had the BEST prices...the photos above, which are mainly of Vietnam soldiers in Seoul and a family fishing trip...were 10 CENTS EACH!  I loaded up!  The photos were one of the first items I noticed when I walked in.  When I finished devouring the basket of old photos, I began to notice all sorts of great things.  I kid you not, I'm a freak for vintage aprons and, lo and behold, hanging all around the walls were aprons, aprons, and more aprons...none of them priced over $7!!!  I was in heaven.  I ended up purchasing this sweet red one below.  It was $3!

There is another, black toile apron hanging under my red one, in case you're wondering.  And, ignore the date..those dates on cameras are as annoying as the 12:00s that used to constantly flash on VCRs!  Anyway, back to my goodies.  I am just fascinated by ephemera...old, new, it doesn't matter.  Well, I saw a basket of old valentines and birthday cards.  They were pretty cheap at 50 cents each but as I worked my way through the pile of cards, I began to notice small notebook pages with writing on them.  They were notes about a lady that was page was notes on what she received at her shower...another page listed her visitors at home after she had the baby...several were her notes about the baby, named Marjorie or Marjie for short, her first smile, her first tooth, and so on.  It was precious!

I took my goodies to the counter to add to my pile.   (Does anyone else do that? I usually begin finding things at antique stores then take them to the counter and tell them "I'm going to start a pile?"  I guess they know what I mean...I always assume they do as I walk away to find more things to add to my pile!)  When I gave them to the shop owner, she pointed out to me that the valentines and birthday cards were actually for little Marjie...the baby whose first years were recorded on the pages!  Ok, it just doesn't get much better than that.  So sweet : )  Ok, on to more goodies.  The last two items weren't as exciting but I love them all the same.  The first of these was a bunch of vintage christmas bulbs with the twisted flame tips.

And, for the last but not least of my finds...a family of deer.  Actually the tall one is an old flocked deer and the smaller two are just cute, little plastic ones.  I love the old flocked toy animals.  For some reason though I feel a yearning to douse them in vintage iridescent glitter...I hope I can resist! We'll see!

Okay, I sort of lied, there is one more thing I purchased BUT I just got them my favorite thrift store.  Someone had just donated a huge bag of old aluminum molds and I just had to have them.  I hope my hubby doesn't read this post.  He may remember that I just sold a bunch of these last fall at our auction...and yes, I did!  I missed them so much I just had to buy more...who knows, these may even be mine that I sold...I just bought them back!  (Don't laugh, I think I've actually done that before...donated something then saw it months later, loved it, and bought it again!  It's got to be some sort of disorder, I just don't know what!)

Well, I hope you've enjoyed viewing my finds as much as I've enjoyed sharing them with you.  If you ever get to Cookeville, Tennessee, you MUST stop by West End Antiques on Main Street.  They really do have some great finds with even better prices!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The tornado that went through's name--CREATIVITY

I don't know if you can tell much from the photo but this is my crafting cabinet.  It's filled with jars full of trinkets, buttons, game pieces, old jewelry, glitter, baubles, and practically anything and everything else.  The drawer hanging open is fully of my rubber stamps.  This picture was made AFTER one of my creative streaks.  I had just finished making the book houses posted earlier.

This is my work table. Normally, the top would be clear, offering a large work space.  This, however, is what happens as I begin working on projects.  The more things I pull out, the smaller my work area gets.  In the photo above, my work area ended up being on top of the spiral notebook!  By the way, when I'm creating, I HAVE to have my little DVD player.  Usually it's playing A&E's version of Pride & Prejudice.  It's great company when I'm working in my craft room.  I've seen the movie a ba-jillion times and I could tell you what every scene is just by the script.  But, like I said, it's great company PLUS it's 5 hours long!  The only thing is you have the annoying task of switching the 1st and 2nd discs half way through.  Another thing I have to have while working is my CHOCOLATE : )  The photo below is a picture of my trash can after a creative session!

Yes, there is more than chocolate in there...the rice chips were an extra snack during this session.  They're actually too messy to eat while creating.  That's why I like the chocolate bars.  They just pop right in your mouth...perfect!

Well, I know this isn't much to share today but I just had to blog before heading to bed.  Tomorrow I hope to post some of the great finds I discovered at a great little antique store today.
Good night John Boy!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mommy and Me matching altered paper bag albums

The pair of albums

Front of the child's album

This is a pair of matching albums that I made.  I got the idea to do a mother/daughter set from the two vintage kitchen was a real spatula, the other was a child's toy.  The smaller paper bags are actually small gift bags that look like paper bags.  These were alot of fun to make.  I have something similar started for my daughters.  They'll all three receive one that includes housemaking tips, family recipes, and more. 

Friday, December 25, 2009

An Altered Book House

Several months ago, Paper Cloth Scissors had an article on making altered book houses.  I loved the idea.  While I didn't make mine exactly like the ones in the article, I love the way they turned out.  Basically, they consist of an old book cover (the roof) and an altered journal (the house). This "roof" is actually the entire book, titled "Eppy Grams" that was just too adorable to remove the contents.

 I made two different book houses as gifts.  Unfortunately, I was only able to a few pictures of this one before the batteries in my camera died and it was time for me to give them to their recipients.  I hope to get a few pictures of the other one soon.  I'll post them if I do.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Speaking of Altered Things...

I alter more than vintage items. I recently "altered" my hair!  Not a good thing.  I can, however, honestly state that I have been a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette...all within a week's time!  These are all non-permanent hair treatments but in an attempt to cover my dark roots, I did a root touch-up job myself.  I will never (repeat NEVER!) attempt this again.  The roots became much lighter than the other highlights.  This lead to my first attempt at toning down the new blonde (very blonde...picture "platinum") roots.  I purchased a box of non-permanent dark blonde hair color.  Applied.  Rinsed.  Dried.  Looked exactly the same as before.  Day two, purchased another box of non-permanent lightest warm brown hair color.  Applied.  Rinsed.  Dried.  Oh my, I looked like a shiny new copper penny!  Wore a hat for a day till this morning when I donned my hat again for a third trip to the store for MORE non-permanent nutmeg hair color.  Applied.  Rinsed.  Dried.  Ahhh...finally a non-shocking hair color.  It's a lot darker than I've worn my hair in the past few years but I'll take it. At least until  I can get in to see my hair stylist!!

Note for New Year...Never, NEVER try to touch up my roots again!

I'll stick with altering paper bags, boxes and the such.  Have a good day!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My All-time Favorite Altered Album - Vintage Circus

This has to be my ALL-TIME FAVORITE paper bag album that I've made so far.  I did some research on circuses while creating this album and learned so much.  Did you know that in circus lingo instead of saying "break a leg" to a clown, you say "bump a nose!"  Or, when a circus is performing their last show before heading home, they hang their posters upside down...the dining car of the circus train is called the Pie Car...and on and on.  I think the circus life is fascinating.  They seem to have a world of their own that meanders through ours from time to time.  Anyway, this was so much fun to make.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Oh, one more thing, the gorilla in the cage, that has moving part, and the clown are my original artwork.  Enjoy!

You & Me Altered Paper Bag Album

This is a paper bag altered art journal...actually my first of this type...called "You and Me".  The pages are made from sewing lunch-size paper bags (in alternating positions) across the middle.  Folded in half, it gives you a neat journal.  These are filled with all sorts of vintage goodies!

Old West Altered Tin