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Friday, September 12, 2014

Decorating for Fall with a French Bottle Rack

I love fall and I love decorating for fall.  I like to add a touch of red, gold, and orange all over the house.  

The (reproduction) french bottle drying rack that I purchased a couple of years ago is one of my favorite things to change with the seasons.  It sits on the corner of my kitchen island.  I really wish it was shorter so that it would fit underneath my cabinets beside the coffee maker, but it's not so it's home is on the island.

A pumpkin fit perfectly on the top (with the help of a small plate covered with leaves).  The next level also holds a couple of smaller pumpkins (again on a small plate covered with leaves).  Twist a couple of fall berry garlands around the sides and add a wreath around the bottom and you're set.

I hung my black and white monogram mugs on the rack.  Ready to grab when you need a cup of hot apple cider.

Of course, you're going to need a cinnamon stick in your hot apple cider.  Must have!

A couple of apples because they just look so right.  

Beautiful!  I'm ready for the cooler weather now.  Bring it on!  Watch over the next few weeks as our Fall Blog Tour continues.  September is definitely time for fall decorating, recipes, and crafts.

As always, thanks for stopping by and God bless!


  1. nice job it looks so fally or fallie lol is that a word any how it is gorgeous i can smell the cinnamon sticks yum xx

  2. Angie, this is a great way to add fall to a coffee station or in the kitchen! love the cinnamon sticks!

  3. Love this, it's a great way to add just a little fall decor.

  4. I really like that drying rack. What a great way to aid in your fall display! I am always on the lookout for fun things to use as fall centerpieces.

  5. Love this fall decor. Thank you so much for sharing at the Twirl & Take a Bow Party! Have an awesome week!
    House on the Way

  6. This is charming - I love the creative uses for French bottle racks! I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,


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