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Thursday, September 11, 2014

#TBT Throwback Thursday at The Altered Past

I've never done a #TBT Throwback Thursday post...not even on Facebook that I can remember.  However, when I was thinking about what to blog next, my daughter said, "Why don't you do a throwback post to your old posts?"  Yeah!  Why not?

Recently, a group of bloggers were asked why they chose their blog names.  Mine, of course, is The Altered Past.  I chose that name because, way back in 2009, I began blogging about my altered art.  So, I'm throwing it to 2009 for this #TBT.  (I had to laugh as some of my early blog photos...kinda like laughing at the 80s big hair days...which I also had!)

Altered art is sort of a collage of mixed media.  My pieces were created out of old, found objects, and the older they were the better.

So you can get an idea of what I'm talking about here are a couple of altered albums I made using the lunch size paper bags. (Forgive the poor quality photos...see, I was a total newbie to it all.)

This was the "Mommy and Me" albums I made.  Matching albums, loaded with old recipes, pieces from a sewing pattern, scrapbook paper, old clothes pins, and the spine of each album is a vintage kitchen utensil, full size and child size.  

Here's another paper bag album with a vintage circus theme.  I learned a lot about the early days of the circus while making this one.  Did you know that instead of saying "break a leg" clowns say "bump a nose" it!

Also, when the circus was performing in the last city of the tour, they hung their fliers upside down.  After that, everyone knew they were heading home.

I also made altered art by recycling Altoid's cans.  This western themed one was my favorite but the photos are on an old laptop that crashed.  Lesson learned...always back up your files :)

After the paper bag albums and Altoid's tins, I began making altered art snowmen out of vintage bottles and other objects.  This guy's name is Joey.  I never sold him because he was my first.  Others I've sold or given away.  I still make these from time to time.  I'm actually working on one right now for fall.

So anyway, my blog name came about because of the altered art projects I was creating at the time.  Now, fast forward a few years, I'm not making as much altered art but I still love changing things from the past.  So, my blog name sort of fit what I'm still doing today.

I love thrift store shopping and I love finding vintage items that aren't quite popular yet (because they're still cheaper and easier to find!)  Repurposing those things (like the mercury glass pumpkins) satisfies my craving to create.  Like I said in my Blogland Tour post.  I've just got to create.  It's a part of me.

I hope you enjoyed Throwback Thursday and looking back with me at the early days of my blog.  Thanks for stopping by and God bless!!


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