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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Fight for Thanksgiving before Christmas

It's the confusing time of year where Thanksgiving gets somewhat elbowed out of the way by everyone jumping the gun to get the Christmas season started.

It's all a little overwhelming as a blogger.  Trying to keep up with the flow of everyone posting their mantles beautifully decorated with greenery and stockings, and creatively decorated trees.  I wish I could bottle their energy to get it all done like they do.  I guess this is really isn't that early compared to those in the magazine industry.  I believe they do layouts MONTHS in advance.

This really isn't Thanksgiving but I thought it had a fall feel to it with the burlap background.  It's a Hatch Show Print.  A really cool company that still makes posters on the original print machines in Nashville.

Thankfully (lol!) this Thanksgiving we will be celebrating with my family so that means travel for us instead of hosting the 30+ in-laws.  We switch up where we will be for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year.

This year we will be in East Tennessee at my mom's for Thanksgiving and then in Nashville for Christmas at the in-laws. Next year it will be the other way around.  Both are actually close enough that we can do day trips to allow for hubby's or one of the girl's work schedules.

I did some fall decorating which is getting us through until next week.  So...deep breaths until then and enjoy some "throwback" pictures of Christmas a few years ago.  They were taken when my kitchen was Roasted Red Pepper...pre-beadboard backsplash and the new fresh white/greige colors.

Vignette on top of the pie safe

Vintage Elf on a Shelf...he's behaving for the moment

Dollar Tree pre-made gingerbread house cookies use under a cloche.
I added sugar for the snow :)

By next weekend, I'll be wading through Rubbermaid totes and other boxes, pulling out the Christmas decor...trying to catch up!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!
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  1. I love your fall decorations! If you have a minute, come on over and link up at the Everyday Vintage party at Helene's Legacy. Your style is the perfect fit :)


    1. Thanks Lisa. I have now linked!
      You have a beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing your posts.

  2. Yes, Thanksgiving seems to be the much neglected Holiday squeezed inbetween too popular ones for decorating. I for one keep the Harvest Theme going until the day after Thanksgiving and then play catch up and certainly Share your Sentiments that I feel I'm way behind compared to so many gorgeous Posts I see where it's already beginning to look a lot like Christmas! *winks* We need more TIME inbetween these three tight Holidays don't we? Because I NEED to Create and Decorate and yet I'm always seeming to run behind once the Holiday Season ramps up! We'll probably put the Tree up while the Halloween and Thanksgiving Decor is still quite evident and slowly being dismantled and stored away... so what an Eclectic scene it will be for at least a week around here! *LOL* That said, at least you were busy Traveling, I'm afraid if I added Holiday Travel to the mix, I'd never get any Decorating done for the Holidays! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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