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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Easy Holiday Candleholders

Hickory Gold-dipped Candleholders (They are really straight--I think the picture angle is wonky!)

You remember the wood slice tags I made recently?  If not, you can see them here.  I had a few pieces of the fallen hickory branch and hated to waste it.  That's when I picked up a piece and realized it could easily be turned into a great candle holder.  Dipped in gold--of course!

I treated these the same as the wood slices by placing them in the oven to dry and kill any little creatures living in the bark.

To make the gold-dipped look, I taped off about two-thirds of the top and spray painted the bottom with Krylon's Bright Gold.

The holes were made using a spade bit on the drill.  You could also use an auger bit or key hole saw bit.

Personally, I would use ANY drill bit...masonry, glass/ long as it was big enough for the candle to fit AND my hubby doesn't find out.

Kinda like using his razor in the shower.

Then he always wonders why his become dull so quickly.  Hmmm.  Yeah.

Anyway, the candles I think look best with the natural branches are called rustic tip.  Traditional tapers would look great as well but I like how these mimic the top of the candleholders.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!!

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  1. Those are really cute and thanks for joining the party tonight.

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