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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Quick Pillow Redo

About a year ago, I made a pillow in natural linen-type fabric.  I added a burlap ribbon around the pillow and placed it in my breakfast area.  Sometime during the past year, water came in contact with the pillow causing the burlap fabric to bleed on the natural fabric.  I lived with it for a while.  This past week, I decided to try a quick redo to salvage the pillow.  By quick, I mean it literally took minutes.

The before with stain from burlap
Decorating items dipped in gold are pretty hot right now.  That got me to thinking, why not a pillow?

Pillow taped and sprayed

I taped about a third of the pillow, making sure that the entire stain would be covered with the gold paint.  I used Krylon Bright Gold and sprayed the bottom portion pretty heavily.

AND, while I'm on the topic of spray paint, let me just add that there are 2 "for sures" when it comes to me deciding to spray paint something.  

First, it will suddenly become a very windy day, thereby making is take twice as much paint than normal.  


And, second, no matter what quality of paint I use or how careful I am, I WILL end up with a painted index finger.  Just call me Goldfinger, ha! 


Ok, nevermind.  Back to the project.

The fabric is a little stiff but is becoming softer with use.  I did give my pillow about 24 hours to thoroughly dry so that the gold paint doesn't rub off on the furniture.

And, here is the final product!  I know!  Epic, it should totally go viral!  No?  Ok, just kidding but it was a very quick, very easy fix to hide the stain on the pillow.  I'm all about quick and easy :)

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!


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