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Thursday, July 30, 2015

6 Things to Look for NOW to Use LATER for Christmas

I know, I mentioned the "C" word...Christmas.  Please don't throw anything at me.  I promise there's a good reason for my mentioning it now, during the heat of July!

We are in the height of yard sale season and NOW is the time to be looking for some items you will want to have on hand this fall.  For, you know, when you get ready to think about that time of year.  When it's chilly outside.  Everything is dressed up with red and green.  The "C" word.

6 things to look for now that you'll want to have later

First, and this is not just for later this year but something that can be used anytime...MASON JARS.  Honestly, can you have too many of these?  If you're in my household, you're not allowed to answer that.

Mason jars in all shapes and sizes are great for making snow globes, water-filled or waterless.  They also make great candleholders and baking mix gift containers.

vintage mason jar snow globes

Second, you're gonna need something to put in those snow globes.  Yard sales and thrift stores are the perfect places to pick up miniatures and toys that will fit nicely in mason jars.  Look for animals, small cars or tractors, bicycles, tiny houses, or anything that speaks to you.  It's your snow globe and it can tell whatever story you want it to.

Third, gumball machine.  Seriously?  Yes!  I found one at a thrift store last year and turned it into my all-time-favorite snow globe yet!  Don't pass over a gumball machine with writing on it.  I think mine had "Jelly Belly" on the glass.  I simply removed that before using it for my snow globe.  If it's hard to remove, you can hide or disguise it.

gumball machine snow globe christmas

Fourth, ICE SKATES!  How many of you have seen cute decorations in magazines or on Pinterest using ice skates?  How many of you have kicked yourself in November for not picking up that pair you saw during the summer at a yard sale?!  (Me!)

vintage ice skates for christmas decor

Fifth, old books.  You can probably find some old, non-collectible, non-interesting (think old tax law or something), books at thrift stores or your library's book sale.  Disassembled, the pages are great for all sorts of crafts like this book page wreath.

easy diy book page wreath hung on antique mirror

And, lastly, the sixth item...greenery.  Yes, that's sort of obvious but think outside of the box here.  I picked up a thrown away artificial tree because it was broken.  However, the branches were beautiful.  I use the individual branches to fill my window boxes and to build a foundation in arrangements around the house.  Think about how many broken artificial trees you've seen at thrift stores and yard sales.  Yep, lots of cheap greenery right there!

6 things to look for now that you'll want to have later

Ok, that's my last mention of the "C" word.  Until at least next month.  You may return to your summer break now ;)

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!



  1. Angie - this is a fantastic list! Christmas in July shopping is a wonderful idea! We will be out thrifting tomorrow!

  2. Angie this is such a great post! I'm heading out on the treasure trail right now and can't wait to keep these in mind. Thanks for sharing girl

    1. It must be the weekend for thrifting! Happy hunting!

  3. This is an awesome reminder for Christmas and you are so right. I'm so excited I just found cute ice skates. Great tips, Lisa

    1. Yay! Can't wait to see how you use your skates Lisa! I'm sure it'll be amazing!

  4. Great ideas! I just picked up two rocking miniature and the other a small ride on. So see, I'm thinking Christmas too!
    I never thought of getting the broken trees for greenery (smacks forehead). But of course! Perfect use for them.

  5. I was just at an estate sale down the street yesterday and there were 2 pairs of antique boy's ice skates. I thought I should buy them to paint them to hang on the door for "C" but I let it go. I just couldn't do it. :)


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