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Sunday, July 26, 2015

5 Simple Updates to the Family Room

5 Simple Updates for the Family Room - Inexpensively

With the laidback, lazy days of summer here, now is your opportunity to freshen up the family room.  Who am I kidding?  Our summer schedules can sometimes be just as busy as the rest of the year.  However, that doesn't mean you can't tackle a little decorating too.  With these 5 simple updates, you can quickly and inexpensively add new life to your family room.

Create a Focal Point - I chose to do a gallery wall above my sofa as the focal point in our family room.  I love picking up old paintings from thrift stores, mostly of landscapes and outdoor scenes.

gallery wall ideas using more than pictures

The first one I found years ago was this original painting of sailboats.  It's possibly an old paint-by-number but it has an impressionistic feel to it.  I love the colors and it has set the tone for my family room with its gold, blue, and muted orange.

gallery wall ideas for family room

Over the years I've found more old paintings with similar colors and have now created this gallery wall as my focal point for the family room.

gallery wall ideas for family room with vintage pictures

Add Personality with Accent Pillows - I change out the accent pillows in the family room with the seasons.  For summer, I have a mix of vintage floral needlepoint along with an old camp laundry bag turned pillow cover.  Keep your eyes open for fabric that would make a great pillow cover.  It could be fabric from an tablecloths or napkins (World Market has a GREAT selection of fabric napkins), a fascinating fabric from a piece of clothing, vintage flags, the possibilities are numerous.  I've even found beautiful linen fabric for inexpensively by purchasing womens' skirts on sale at the thrift store.  Plenty of fabric to make a pillow cover.  

accent pillows add personality to your decor - vintage camp bag

Add Simple Items to the Mantel - Now, if you're like me, I have one of the "big black holes" above my fireplace.  You know, the one that was created to house a large TV?!  Yep, so that doesn't leave a whole lot of room for decorating the mantel but it is possible.  

add unexpected elements to freshen up your decor - vintage arrows

add unexpected elements to freshen up your decor - vintage arrows

I chose to keep the summer, outdoor-sy,camp style (I'm sure that's real interior design term) going in the family room by adding a few basic arrows to a large ironstone pitcher, a blue Mason jar with inexpensive fresh cut flowers, and a geode found on our property.  I've placed a vignette on each side of the mantel.  This provides both unexpected elements and height to the mantel display.  Simple arrows like mine can be found at sporting goods stores, thrift stores, and yard sales.  I previously had gold candle sconces hanging one each side of the mantel.  Those will probably return for the winter to give a warm candlelit glow to the room.

add unexpected elements to freshen up your decor - vintage arrows

Have a Collection? Show it off! - I've seen it too many times.  Someone has a really interesting collection but they display them individually around the room.  The collection will get lost displayed this way.  Instead, gather your collection (which can be 3 or more items!) and anchor them in the room by displaying them together on a tray or in a large bowl.  One collection I have that's dear to my heart, having been raised in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, are river rocks.  The natural stones look great displayed together in a willow basket.  I used these to go along with my summer decor.  Seashells, another favorite, are great displayed in an old dough bowl.

place collections together to give more impact in the room

place collections together to give more impact in the room

Don't Forget to Delight the Senses  - We've covered the sense of feel with texture in the rocks and pillows.  We've covered the sense of sight with the flowers, pictures, and the unexpected.  Now, let's cover the sense of smell.  Scent can affect the overall feeling of a space.  This is one of the easiest updates to make but one that can make a big impact in your room.  I found this candle at Altar'd State a couple of years ago and it quickly became my go-to fragrance for our home.  I love the blue glass jar it comes in too!  Bonus! 

great smelling candles can add to the overall feeling of the room

Oh, and we can't forget the sense of taste!  Now that you're finished, sit back and grab a glass of your favorite beverage while you enjoy your newly decorated family room!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!


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5 Simple Updates for the Family Room - Inexpensively


  1. i love the arrows and the rocks, love your room xx

  2. Looks great Angie! The gallery wall and arrows are our faves!

  3. Such an inviting space Angie! Great tips and I'm in love with your gallery wall! Hugs, Coco


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