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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Marching to a Different Drummer

I like to think I march to a different drummer, swim against the stream, go against the grain.  However, I did it!  I caved!  I lost control and in a moment of weakness I paid the $2.37 and I....I bought a can of Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze.  I know its popularity in remakes, repurposing, redos but I had no idea.  That stuff is BEAUTIFUL!!  I began thinking of things I could cover in it.  I'm hooked!  I'm addicted!  I'm in the flow!  If you haven't tried this wonder, go to Walmart (actually, find another store that carries it because I really loathe Wallyworld but they do sell it and it's cheap there so...), pick up a can, and start spraying.  Actually, all the Krylon satin metallics are beautiful.  Oh!  And, you can use them on glass...not a permanent bond so they will scratch with heavy handling but think of the gorgeous votive holders, glass serving stands, and mirrors you would make with say, brushed nickel for the holidays!!

I thinking several 25 cent glass pieces from the thrift store and yard sales, a can of Krylon satin metallic paint, and you've got one beautiful tablescape for the holidays!!


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  1. You inspired me. I went to that store that starts with a "W" and bought a can. Can't wait to see the results.


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