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Friday, July 30, 2010


Hmmm...I've been debating lately where exactly I'm wanting this blog to go.  I love creating my altered art but there's more to me than my art pieces.  I love decorating and thrift store shopping and revamping vintage pieces and cooking and being a mom and, well, you get the picture.  I'm leaning toward The Altered Past changing to cover these areas of my life as well as my art.  I think you can tell by the blogs that I follow that it's more than art.  So, if you see topics being covered here that you wouldn't expect from an altered art blog, that's why.  I guess my blog is evolving as I go along.  I'm finding areas that I want to blog about and think you will enjoy as well.  At least, I hope you will!  Thanks for following and I hope to have some new posts soon!



  1. You should blog about whatever is on your mind, Angie! Hope you are having a great weekend! La

  2. Thanks La! I'm excited to see what this blog grows into. I love blogging but have felt restricted to keep it about my art since that's what it started to be. Now I'm free to talk you said, whatever! Thanks for your support!


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