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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thrift store shopping is always a treasure hunt. Sometimes I find great deals...other times nothing except the same ol' junk I've seen in the store forever and wonder why they don't just throw that stuff away. Anyway, this morning my youngest daughter and I ventured out to pick up a bookshelf from a friend and being early to meet her, we stopped by one of the local thrift stores. Today was a good day. I found these wonderful glass pieces that I don't know what exactly to do with yet. Their price...(drum rolllllll)...49 cents for all 5!! There are actually 5 pieces. Two of them were stuck together in the picture and I didn't notice until it was already taken. I also snagged a couple more bargains while I was there but they were just a book and some knitting needles for less than a dollar each.

Thrift stores aren't the only place I frequent in search of treasures. Yard sales are great but when I can't get to them (which is happening more often to my dislike) I shop antique stores. I had an antique booth many years ago and absolutely loved it. It was too time consuming for me as a young working mother so it had to go. A couple of things I discovered while selling "antiques" is: first, a real antique has to be over 100 years old...everything else is just vintage...actually that's a broad term but it works for describing old items; second, most antique dealers are avid yard sale people. You're very likely to find the best finds from yard sales in antique malls. I know, I won't get it for the price they did but after all, they did the legwork when I couldn't so I'll pay a little more...not a lot more but enough to cover their time and effort. The above picture is what I found at an antique store this past week. I wish that I had had my camera that day to get a picture of the display for these items. It was great! (Note to self: keep camera in purse!) Anyway, these little metal pieces are molds for costume jewelry from the 40s. They had tons of them and they were 75 cents each or 10 for $6!! The book is an old children's health education book and the napkins are, well, they are pale yellow with chickens so I had to have them, lol. These will definitely be added to some altered art, hopefully soon. I'm beginning to actually have some free time and can't wait to get back to some projects.

Speaking of getting back to projects, I know I introduced ya'll to George a while back. Well, this is Rosie. She's almost finished and I can't wait to get her done. I do think they make a cute couple sitting on my cabinet for now.

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