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Friday, June 18, 2010

Local Antique Store

Well, I remembered to put a camera in my purse for the next time I ran across a great find that I wanted to share.  So, with my camera in my purse, I had to visit an antique store or what's the use?!  So, I stole a few hours for myself this afternoon and visited a local antique store.  It was actually their window displays that drew me I needed enticing.  Anyway, as I entered and met the owner, I asked if I could take pictures for my blog.  She was delighted for me too.  I had so much fun.  A little too much fun looking as I forgot to get my camera out until I left.  I must have gone into treasure hunting mode and obviously forgot the purpose for my visit.  I did remember, however, to ask the owner if it would be okay to link to their website.  So, here it is!  You can actually see new items for sale as well as some sales on their website.  Just to let you see what enticed me, I did get a picture of the front windows before I left.

  I promise I'll get more pictures next time!!


  1. Angie,
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I also love antiquing. I tell my hubby all the time..."it's not junk, these are treasures!"
    -Sarah from Create Studio

  2. Thanks Sarah! Yes, my hubby endures all of my "treasures" as well. Loved your blog and will visit often!!


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