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Monday, January 7, 2019

Easy DIY Valentine Craft - Carved in Stone

I did a post on carved rocks several years ago and it was such a hit!  Valentine's Day is approaching and now is a great time to share this DIY project.   It was super easy and I love the results.

I'm a rock hound so I had plenty of river rocks around the house, but if you don't, try simple landscaping rocks from the home building store.  I'd bet you could even find a great one while on a walk :)   A Dremel tool can be purchased online or at big box stores.  They start at less than $20 and are a great tool to have around.

Easy Valentine Craft, carved stone, the altered past blog

Here's the other items you'll need:

Dremel 7700-1/15 MultiPro 7.2-Volt Cordless Rotary Tool Kit
drill bit (usually included if you have the drill kit)
marker or chalk
safety glasses (there will be dust and possibly fragments)

Easy Valentine Craft, carved stone, the altered past blog

Ready?  Let's get started.  Choose the sentiment you want forever carved in stone.  Write it on the stone with the marker or chalk to get the placement and size right.  I chose a silver Sharpie so that it would blend with the color of the rock.  You want to use something that won't be seen afterwards.

easy valentine craft diy project dremel drill carved stone

Once you like the placement and size of your sentiment, begin carving using the Dremel tool.  Go slowly and try not to carve too deeply at first.  You can go back over the lines again and again to make them deeper.  Important:  make sure to hold the drill firmly as it may want to jump a little, making crooked lines, ruining your design.  If that happens, just toss the rock out in the backyard and hundreds of years from now an archaeologist will find it and will be so confused!  Lol!  I so want to carve something crazy and throw it outback just for the fun of it!  Ok, I digress.

Easy Valentine Craft, carved stone, the altered past blog

Don't worry, even going slowly, this craft only took me a few minutes to complete.   Take a look at the ones I created...all in less than 30 minutes!

Easy Valentine Craft, carved stone, the altered past blog

carved stone dremel drill diy valentine's day project rocks

I'm pretty excited with how well these turned out.  I think they would make a great gift for anyone but especially for that special guy in your life...a Valentine that's not too frilly or heartsy or red!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

The above is an affiliate link to Amazon.  The little amount I earn helps bring you more from Spain Hill Farm and Angie Forte Design.  Thanks!

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