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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Holiday Shopping for Teen Girls

Holiday shopping is in full swing and many of you will have a teenager or two on your list.  No need to panic.   I have two teenage daughters at home as well as a young adult daughter.  Those ages can be hard to shop for but I've got a few tips that may help you this holiday season.

First, set a budget for each child and stick to it.  That doesn't mean they will have to do without those special items on their lists.   Shopping when the stores are having specials helps stretch those dollars and allows you to stay within your budget. Amazon Cyber Monday offers LOTS of great things!
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Second, if you aren't sure what to get a teenager, many stores offer stylists or personal shoppers to help you pick the right outfit or gift.  

Chelsey, of American Eagle, helped me find the right dress for my daughter as well as informing me that it was a part of the storewide sale.

While you're there, pick up a few stocking stuffers too.  Boot socks are pretty hot this year! 

Third, don't forget about gift cards and the pre-packaged gift sets.  Gift cards are a great way to buy gifts for those that may not live nearby since it's easier to mail a gift card than a big box.  Most store gift cards do not have an expiration date (always check each store to make sure) and what teenage girl doesn't love to shop. 

 You can also get a better deal on items by purchasing a gift set during the holidays.  Gift sets can save you money since they are usually less expensive than purchasing those items individually.

Onu Salon and Ulta are just a couple of the many places that offers great items for teens.  A gift card for salon services makes the perfect present for girls with upcoming winter formals as well as prom season soon to follow!  

And, lastly, jewelry is always a winner for girls of all ages.  Most malls and shopping complexes offers a wide variety of stores that carry jewelry and accessories.   Charming Charlies and Icing are two great places that can fit easily into your holiday budget.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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