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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Are You Ready to Get Your Fall On? Ideas to Get Your Started!

8 quick ideas for decorating this fall

The temperature is dropping and the sky is a cloudless blue.  It's Fall y'all!!  I'm so excited.  This is my favorite time of the year.  

I've got these 8 great ideas to help you get started with your fall decorating.  I've already pulled out my totes from the attic and can't wait to spread the orange, golds, and reds around my house.  

Plaids!  Doesn't a nice wooly plaid throw just say crisp air, football games, and bonfires?  

I have a thing for plaid throws.  You can find more about them here.

As much as I LOVE the look of real greenery in the home, fall leaves just don't last very long inside.  My best tip for decorating with fall leaves is to purchase the best (aka most believable) fake you can buy.  I actually found these at the thrift store.  I know Michaels and Hobby Lobby have great fakes.  

Sprigs of autumn leaves look great anywhere.  I've used the ones above in a olive jar beside the fireplace.  You can see all of the photos from that post here.

Of course, REAL is where it's at!  I normally grow purple Wandering Jew in my front urns each summer. However, just because it's fall doesn't mean I have to uproot them to make way for new decor.  I love the way the bright orange of the pumpkin pops against the purple vine.  I also added some bright yellow wildflowers from the field.  They don't last long but they look great for a while and they're free!  See the full post on the front porch here.

Ok, I hear ya..."but my decor doesn't really go with bold colors."  Guess what?  It doesn't have to be bold in color to say "fall."  Check out this neutral vignette that I created for the faux mantle in my studio.  Lots of whites and muted tones that you can see here.

And, who can deny that fall is prime apple picking time!  Apples make a great (and delicious) fall decoration for the kitchen.  Just purchase a bag and display them in an old crock, a large vintage crate, or a wooden dough bowl.  Instant fall!  

And, just because I HAVE to have at least one caramel apple each fall, I shared a quick recipe for making them at home with just 2 simple ingredients!.

While we're in the kitchen, how about adding some pumpkins and apples to the kitchen island.  I decorated my bottle drying rack with some simple items.  Find that post here.

Now, this is just for fun.  I did an "After the Hunt" tablescape last year.  
We're a hunting family, deer, dove, etc.  (We do eat the meat...the hunting isn't just for sport.)

I gathered some of my favorite decorating items, loaded our old gray truck and headed to our back field for this.  Even our dog, Cooper, got in on the action.  Check out all of the photos here.  (I think that post is my all time favorite so far!)

To end this post, I'm going back a couple of years to this post.  A simple oval cut from leftover metal roofing, spray painted to look like a pumpkin for the yard.  It's been quite a big hit over the years on Pinterest and Hometalk.  

Hopefully you've been inspired by some of these ideas.  Now...get out there and get your fall on!!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!


  1. Angie, this was such a great roundup for fall! It definitely puts me in the mood for sure. It's so funny how much we love the same things: plaid throws, caramel apples, all of your vintage finds and you already know the "After the Hunt" post was one of my favorites too. I wish you lived closer, I'd make us some cider right now. Love and hugs, Coco

    1. oh, that's so sweet Coco! I wish we lived closer too!!!

  2. Angie, Your Fall Ideas are fabulous and I love all the posts. Lots of inspiration and I have to say your Fall Hunt Tablescape is still one of my favorites. Have a great day, Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa! Fall is my favorite season and I guess it shows :)

  3. Hey Angie - what a great collection of your Fall ideas. We are still super envious of your plaid stash of blankets :) Your "After the Hunt" post is magnificent! Great job! Cheers to a great day!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Ha, I am definitely mad for plaid :)


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