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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Gardening Tips from Southern Gardeners

Last week I, along with a group of other area bloggers, got to attend a wonderful preview tour of the Nashville Symphony Show House.  It's a beautiful home to say the least.

You can take the tour with me here, if you missed it.

As a part of the preview, our group was treated to a session with Carmen Johnston to make our own container gardens.  Yes, that's the Carmen Johnston of Southern Living Plants and Carmen Johnston Gardens.

photo via

Carmen brought adorable galvanized containers for us to create our gardens in.  She also provided us with Blue Fan Scaevola,  Diamond Frost Euphorbia, Dragon Wing Begonia, and Creeping Jenny. 

beautiful galvanized container garden

beautiful galvanized container garden

Carmen's tip for container gardens is to remember the 3 Ts:  tall, thick, and trailing.  Those are the three types of flowers you want to use in a container.  Planting them in a diamond shape, start with your tall plant in the back, add a thick plant on one side, and a trailing plant to the other.  You don't have to stick with just 3 plants.  Depending on the size of your container, you can add a couple of tall flowers or thick or trailing.  This container is quite large and we used 4 different plants.  Carmen also recommends feeding once a month and make sure to water daily!  

beautiful galvanized container garden

Another treat we received at the preview tour was an autographed copy of Troy Marden's new book, Southern Gardener's Handbook (affiliate link).  Troy, gardener, author, and host of Volunteer Gardener, was on hand to sign books and to answer our gardening questions.  

One tip Troy offers to help reduce chemicals in our landscapes is using the "Right Plant, Right Place" mantra.  "When you choose plants according to the growing conditions where they are to live in your yard and not just because you like the looks of them, you are doing yourself, your garden, and the environment a huge favor." (quote taken from Southern Gardener's Handbook)

southern gardener's handbook

Troy's a really nice guy and even endured my questions on dealing with moles.

I've mentioned before that I took the Master Gardener class years ago.  To say I loved the classes is an understatement.  The certification classes were amazing.  However, even after completing the classes, there is still so much to learn.  Like planting bulbs...I've never planted a bulb!  Can you believe that?  The photo above is just a sampling of the beautiful flowers available from bulbs and Troy's book will guide you through each of them.  With Handbook in hand, I think I may just give them a try.  

Who's with me?  Who's ready to give these gardening tips a try?!  

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!


  1. That looks like fun. When we move, I'm going to take the Master Gardening courses. I love to garden!

  2. These sound like tips I need! Summer is a killer on our plants in Florida too much heat and rain. Thanks for sharing these resources

  3. Angie, Wow what great tips and what a fun day with lots of gardening ideas. by the way I love your header and the wording is great and ties it all toghether, Spain Hill and The Altered Past. LOVE it. Have a great day, Lisa


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