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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Organizing Christmas Decorations for Storage

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Are you an organized person?  I'm not.  Organization does not come easy to me.  I read once that creativity and organization can act kind of like a seesaw in people.  When I'm more creative, my organization goes down.  When I become more organized, my creativity seems to decrease.  Does that happen to you?  It made sense to me.  However, don't despair.  You can have some of both and we can do it together!  Let's get creatively organized!

Since organizing doesn't come naturally to me, I turned to good ol' Pinterest for inspiration.  I even created a Christmas Decoration Organization board if you want to follow it you can do that HERE

I know some of you may not want to take down all of the decorations right away but there are some ideas that you can be thinking about and gathering supplies for.  Don't worry, these are easy to find items.  (All of the photos are from Pinterest so be sure to check them out on their original site!)

Let's take a look!

This is an easy fix to all those rolls of wrapping paper that are falling out of the gift wrapping closet whenever I open the door.  Easy to find cardboard wine box for free at most liquor stores!

How about this!?!  I usually save the original box for Christmas balls but those other ornaments are usually just tossed in a tote.  Plastic cups are a great idea for keeping those ornaments nice and safe while being stored.  No more bed head for ornaments with hair ;)

Another great idea for those smaller ornaments or for those glass balls that don't have their original box.

This idea of labeled, clear totes is from Yvonne of Stone Gable.  She always has her home beautifully decorated for Christmas (well, every season as a matter of fact) and so she's got organized storage down pat.

Do you use a real tree or an artificial?  This is our first year with an artificial so I'll be looking for a great way to store it.  I have the original box but I'm thinking I may just leave it put together, pull a large garbage bag down over it, and put it in the attic as is.  That may not work for everyone but we are blessed to have a walk in attic in this house...first one after owning several homes and I love it!

Ok, so let's start gathering our supplies...plastic cups, egg cartons, clear totes, cardboard wine box...and get to organizing our Christmas decor!

Anyone with a great way to store wreaths??  I'd love to hear!!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!!


  1. Thanks for rounding up this great ideas! I've learned a lot :) I am generally not super organized either and need all of the help that I can get!

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  3. I'm starting the take down/clean up today Angie. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Angie, these are all great ideas! I haven't even started yet so I definitely need them! Hugs, CoCo


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