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Friday, May 30, 2014

Pick It Fence Vintage Barn Sale

This morning, my youngest and I attended the Pick-It Fence Vintage Barn Sale, right here in our little town of Lascassas, Tennessee.  The Barn Sale is being held at a beautiful venue called Events at East 96 and there were LOTS of great vendors there.  I got a few pics, so, let's get to looking around!

J. Alexander Home's booth had these great vintage metal signs.  There is an aqua LAKE sign in the back that I really wanted...for the lake house that I don't have.  Oh well, a girl can dream.

The vintage cameras are from Rust Bucket Antiques.  Wait until you see his truck that he brought/drove to the Barn Sale.

I thought the Toms display stand would be great in a kitchen for coffee mugs in my daughter's new apartment.  She doesn't move in until mid-July, so at $40 each, I decided to pass them up for now.

Ok, so here it is!  This is "Rust Bucket's" awesome, vintage blue truck!  Yes, it runs and he drove it to the Barn Sale, loaded with all sorts of great rusty items.  If you look closely, you can see an old car seat hanging from the side of the truck.  Can you believe kids actually rode in those IN cars?!  Like the old saying goes, "It's a wonder we ever survived our childhood!"  Glad things have changed in that area.

Red, white, and blue are some of my favorite decorating colors to work with.  This booth definitely drew me in.  (Sorry, I didn't get the name of this vendor.)

Ok, if there's one thing I love more than red/white/blue, it's PLAID!  Love these vintage lunch boxes and picnic baskets.  And that red scooter!  This booth belongs to Polly of Blackberry House.  They had a store in Murfreesboro until recently.  Polly, an interior designer by degree, developed her own line of paints.  The paint line has grown so big, she sold her store and inventory and will be concentrating on just her paint and related products.  

Another shot of Blackberry House's booth, vintage ladder, succulents in vintage silver, and in the background, an incredible post office cubby...which had already sold.  

There were also some food trucks on hand.  It was still early when we left so I didn't get to sample any of their goodies.

If you get a chance this weekend, check out The Pick-It Fence Barn Sale in Lascassas, Tennessee.  The venue alone is worth visiting.
Swings for those tag-a-long husbands and kids!

The front barn, being set up for a wedding.
The new barn (where some of the vendors are located)

The property is owned by a local restaurant, Through the Grapevine, one of my favorites in Murfreesboro.  They host a lot of beautiful weddings, dinners, and other get-togethers.  If you're ever in need of a venue, be sure to check them out.

The main house on the property 

The view's not too shabby either! 

Great photo backdrop

Oh, so I guess you're wondering what I bought?!  So many great things to choose from but I ended up with these:

Delicious, fresh peaches from The Peach Truck!  My daughter and I devoured one before we even pulled out of the parking lot.  Yum!  Hoping to make a peach cobbler soon :)

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

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  1. wow looked like a fun day for looking maybe a little pricey for me but maybe next year i will have a lokky loo i am in mt. pleasant so about an hour or so away thanks for the pics and my my my mouth was watering over those peaches xx

  2. Awww those cameras! Awesome! I would want one but this is way too far for me to go =) #SimpleThingsSunday


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