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Monday, January 20, 2014

My Un-Word for the Year

A lot of people like to begin the new year with a new "word" to reflect upon, strive for, or aim to achieve during the upcoming twelve months.  This year, I'm joining Edie, Nester, Darlene, Angela, and many other bloggers in sharing an UN-word for the year.  Edie put it best when she described an un-word as " a word that we want to ditch in 2014.  A word that haunts us, that we want rid of for good.  A word we want to {UN}do in our lives."   

I like that idea.  A word to ditch.  Like shedding leaves in the fall.  Letting go.

Outside of blogging, I'm a homeschool mom and also a director of a tutorial with about 100 students.  My year begins usually in August.  That's when I begin my reflecting and prayer to see what God has for me in the upcoming year.

My Students

This past August, it was more of a phrase than a word.  I felt God was telling me that we need to give each other more credit.  In terms of an un-word, I guess that would be uncondemning.  I know we're instructed not to condemn but our flesh, our sinful nature likes to point a finger.  It likes to jump to conclusions.  It likes to assume things based on our perspective instead of truth.

We could have much more peace if we give each other more grace, if we don't jump to conclusions before having all the facts.  Not only would you have more peace with others, you will have more peace with yourself.  I'm really talking to myself here.  I tend to be a micro-manager.  I'm still learning how to let go when things aren't done the way I think they should have been.  Ah, letting go does give peace.

Peaceful sunset from our road

I guess it basically boils down to the saying I've seen posted many times on the web.


I'm sharing this over at Life{in}Grace.  Be sure to check out the other {un}words and get inspired to find your own word to ditch :)

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!
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  1. uncondemning... great choice. so many great un-words out there! so many that i need to work on myself. thanks for sharing.

  2. good word -- I love that quote about everyone facing a hard battle. You just never know what people are dealing with. Pretty view from your road, too!

  3. This is a great reminder! thank you! My un-word is lost.. I've been feeling out of sorts lately so I hope to become un-lost in 2014!


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