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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

French Bottle Drying Rack Christmas Tree

I've seen so many variations of Christmas trees this year.  Ladders, tomato cages, tree stands, and, now a french bottle drying rack!  How fun to think outside the box and create a tree from totally unexpected items.

The small loops at the top of the vintage ornaments fit perfectly over the drying did the holes in the vintage cookie cutters.  

Beneath the tree, we arranged our tiny gingerbread village, complete with powdered sugar snow.

The little snowman and santa are actually candy that we found at the Dollar Tree.  Love that place!

An adorable gingerbread couple sit atop the tree.  They're dressed as bakers so I thought they were the perfect tree topper for this tree.

I know I'm behind with blogging.  We had 30+ people at our place for Thanksgiving so I didn't even get around to posting during November!  I hope to make up for that in the next few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!!

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  1. Very nice every lil detail.

  2. Thanks for the Blog Hop invite and for following. We've had chickens until recently and will be getting more in the spring. Can't wait to learn new things from your blog!

  3. Love what you looks great! That's definitely thinking outside the box.....very creative!


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