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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all are enjoying our nation's birthday and celebrating the freedom we have because SO many fought to make it so.

My family will be meeting up with friends this evening to tailgate and watch our city's fireworks display.  Until then, I wanted to share a little project I created last week for the 4th.

Corrugated metal flag
Let me show you how.

I began with a discarded, rusty sheet of corrugated metal.  This was left behind the shed by the previous owners.  I'm sure they didn't expect me to view it as a treasure : )

Discarded metal treasure!
I decided to paint the flag on the other side since it had the nice, rusty spots.

I taped off an area for the field of blue and the red stripes.  For the white stripes, I left it the natural aged silver of the metal.

To add the stars, I had several thoughts.

First, I wished I had taped off stars BEFORE the blue paint so that the stars would have been the aged silver metal.

Too late.

Second, I ransacked my rubber stamp collection looking for a star stamp that I was sure I had.

I didn't.

Third, cut a stencil of a star out of contact paper...and pour myself a glass of wine.


The next step went a lot faster than I had expected.  Or, maybe it was the wine : )

I used simple white acrylic craft paint as I hope it fades to match the aged look of the metal.

So, once the stars were painted, the only thing left to do was cut the extra length off.

Hubby graciously offered to cut it for me.

He's great that way.

Only...he didn't do it right away : (

So, here it stood.  In my driveway.  For days.

In passing a few days later, I asked him what he was going to cut it with.  He answered tin snips...then went back into his manland.


Tin snips.

Surely, I can at least attempt this.  Lord, please don't let me cut myself too ER badly.

I found the tin snips and proceeded to make the first cut.

Really?!  Who knew?!  Those things cut through that metal like "budda"!!

It took me like all of 1 minute to cut!

I could have done this DAYS ago!

My hubby really is great.  It's just that his schedule is not the same as my schedule.

My schedule is immediate!  Like yesterday!

I've got projects to conquer!  Thrift stores to rummage through!  And life stuff to do!

So, having taken all of one minute (and a few days) to finish the metal flag, here she is hanging above the door to our shed.

Honestly, I did not add those sunbeams shining down.  I think the angels were singing the Hallelujah chorus because it was finished and hung!

Sadly, the flowers that were planted in the window boxes have all but died because of the heat.  We desperately need rain here in the Middle Tennessee area.

Rusty makes me happy

Oh yeah, don't count the stars and stripes.  I didn't quite make room for 50 stars and 13 stripes.  Or maybe it was the wine.  Good thing it's just for my shed and not the White House.

I hope you all enjoy your holiday with family and friends.  Be safe and thanks for taking time out of your day to visit!


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  1. Great idea for a flag. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

  2. Thanks Kim! I really enjoy Savvy Southern Style. You're one of my go-to blogs for inspiration! Angie


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