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Thursday, December 23, 2010

One last post for the year

I know everyone's days are crazy right now.  Before the season is over, I snapped a few photos of our home.  I apologize for the grainy photos, I was fiddling with the camera's settings and now I don't know how to get it back!  I really need to win Pioneer Woman's camera giveaway : )  And, once again, ignore the date...added new batteries and of course it always resets the date.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy!
 Snowmen collection on top of the pie safe.  The snow drape is from the Dollar Tree.  I just cut it to look like icicles.  Most of these have been found at thrift stores during the year.  It's funny how cheap they mark Christmas items during the summer! 
 Notice the little gingerbread house under the short's an actual gingerbread house about 2" big and it was only $1 at the Dollar Tree!!
 A mix of vintage and new glass ornaments in the tall cloche/stand that I nabbed at a thrift store about a month ago for $ it!

 These little guys (there's three but one is hiding on the other side of the wreath) were a great surprise in a bag of vintage ornaments that I picked up at the thrift store for $2.  Vintage Elf on the Shelf figures!
 A scrapbook embellishment found last year at Big Lots.  The typewriter key charms spell out "TWINKLE".
 This is my large lantern sitting in the foyer.  The red bird spray is from the Dollar Tree.  The bottom is sprinkled with epsom salt to look like snow.
 The nutcracker army standing guard in the foyer.  I'm hoping there are a few left at Old Time Pottery after the holidays.  I'd like to add some of the nutcrackers from different countries that they had earlier this month.
 I wrapped this book and small wreath with twine.  It's in the plate holder hanging above the nutcrackers.
 Corner of the kitchen.  My youngest marked the small chalkboard with "IT'S HERE!"  I think she's excited.
 Another shot of the kitchen.  The wooden carrier was picked up guessed it...the thrift store for .49 cents.  I repainted it an heirloom white and then distressed it.  It's holding a glass snowman platter and small mitten plate.
 I've had these guys for about 15 years.  I think I've always had a thing for snowmen : )
 The other corner.  I found the Holly Hobby plate at the thrift store.  I really like the look of Holly Hobby...I think it should make a comeback.  The paperbag snowman was made by my now 19 year old when she was in kindergarten.  I carefully store him away every year.
 On the kitchen island is our baking snowmen and my daughter's gingerbread house.  I think you can see a few of the house's decorations are missing...hmmm.
 The mercury glass display that didn't happen.  I began making this arrangement to use in the dining room.  Well, as time went on, so did the decorating and the gift making.  Sadly my dining room never changed from being the craft room.  Oh well, maybe next year OR maybe something for the new year : )
 Last is my window box.  I think you remember it having the pumpkins, sunflowers, hydrangeas for fall.  Well, I removed most of the decorations and replaced them with evergreen branches, magnolias, pine cones, a few deer antlers and my solar lantern.  If we have a sunny day, it charges and gives a soft glow in the evening.  This picture was a challenge to get.  I was literally sticking my arm out of the window and...
wrestling with Sammy our cat to get this.  He likes to hang out on the window ledge so when I opened the window, he thought it was an invitation to come in.  Sorry Sammy.

Thanks for sticking around and I hope you all are greatly blessed.  Enjoy your holidays and we'll see you next year!

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  1. What a lovely visit! Thanks for sharing your home and creativity with us.


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