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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Thanksgiving Meal

Well, I know this is a day late but I had to post a few photos of our Thanksgiving.  These are a little random because as the day grew closer, I became a little less organized and remembering to take pictures was often forgotten.  But, here's what I did get!

Paula Deen's Good Ole Country Stuffing...yum!

I really enjoy a lot of Paula Deen's recipes.  I just can't afford to eat them often.  You know she has a love of butter and all kinds of good, fattening ingredients.  This stuffing is delicious and I've made it for the past three years.  It includes 3 different breads/starches...2 loaves of Pepperidge Farm bread, 1 sleeve of saltines, and 2 cups of cooked rice. 

Mmmm...mixing in all the goodness.
It does make one dirty pan.  However, I have a secret.  Well, it's really not a secret.  It's really not even my idea...originally.  Have you ever been to a Japanese restaurant where they cook at the table?  Have you ever noticed how bad the grill looks when they're finished cooking?  Well, this is where I got the idea to clean my stainless steel skillet.  While your pan is still hot, pour in enough water to cover the bottom and let it come to a slight boil.  With a plastic spatula, begin to remove the mess that is stuck to the bottom.  It should lift off very easily.  You can turn the stove off at this point.  Next, clean with dish soap as usual. 

Ta-da!  Clean!  I love this method.  So much easier than trying to scrub it after it has cooled. 
Here's a couple of other dishes I managed to get a picture of during the day.

'Nanner Pudding!  From boxed pudding this is dish!

Another Paula Deen recipe...Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake and I do mean butter...2 sticks!

The crust made from yellow cake mix and, of course, butter!

After the crowd began the dessert line, I managed to get a picture. 

One last "dish" new kitchen beadboard.  I began sprucing up my kitchen a few weeks preparation for the Thanksgiving guests.  Originally, there was just painted walls under the cabinets.  Here it is after installing beadboard and brackets. 

In case you're wondering, my daughter decorated the dog treat jar with paper candy corn and paw prints!
And, just to keep it real...the shot from the other direction...


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