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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Clean Drawers!

I have clean drawers!!
LOL, no it's not what you're thinking. 
I have nice, clean kitchen drawers!

Remember when I was freaking about cleaning my house. 
If not, you can read about it here. 

Honestly, I tend to freak when it comes to having parties or guests at my house.
Doesn't everybody?  No?  Yeah, that's what I's just me.

Well, once I regained by composure, I went on a mission to solve my problem.  I had just the solution to my woes.

No, can't lie, really I was in Dollar Tree looking for some of those cute ceramic pumpkins everybody and their brother seems to have found but me.  Yep, they're all gone.  So, I was just meandering the aisles looking for fall-ish stuff when I noticed a box of the foamy stuff you line dish cabinets know what I'm talking about?  Well, they had black and, lo and behold, right in the same box was a roll, a BEAUTIFUL roll of black toile drawer liner!  See, I didn't really know what my solution sorta found me.

So, here's the before.

By the way, that's not crumbs in the bottom.  It's scratches in the paint.  Oh, there were crumbs or debris as I called it before but I did clean the drawers before this : )

Enter the beautiful toile paper!

See!  Isn't it beautiful!  It's adhesive backed and super easy to cut and put in.

Clean, beautiful drawers!  For now.

Oh, and here's the black, foamy stuff in my glass cabinet.
Looking pretty good too!

Happy 10/10/10!  Check back for more updates on my kitchen redo!  And, I'm sorry for the pictures spilling over into the sidebar but I really liked the impact of them being big.  Does anyone know how to change my column widths?!


  1. Angie, that looks just like the black toile paper I used to line all my kitchen shelves, drawers and pantries at our previous house. I absolutely adored it! Bought every roll I found at Big Lots! Ended up using it in the bathrooms, just complimented every room in the house. And looked so fresh! Now, how's about you come help me work on my drawers?!?!?

  2. It is beautiful paper! I think I'll go back to Dollar Tree for more! Thanks for the idea of putting it in the bathroom'll look great in there too!!

  3. Hi Angie. I love that paper. I had no idea The Dollar Tree had shelf paper. I thought I had perused all the aisles really good, so now I have to go back and check again. I could really use some for myself! I bet you get a nice treat every time you open the drawer and see the paper.


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