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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Cabin Adventure

Hi all!  Well, we're back from our cabin camping adventure.  It was great fun as always.  We spent Friday to Sunday with my siblings and their families and friends.  There were about 25 of us in all.  This was our 5th year spending the 2nd weekend of September at the same campground on the river in the quaint little are of Townsend, Tennessee.  The weather this year was not as nice as it has been in years past...thanks to the remains of Tropical Storm Hermine.  So, what do you do when it's raining and you're in a cute, little town??  Go to the antique stores, of course!  That's exactly what we (the girls) did Saturday morning during the rain.  The men stayed at the campground pavilion and "manned" the smoker with the barbecue on it...oh, and watched football on a big screen...yep, they brought one with them, lol!  My daughter coined a new (at least to us) term..."glamping" that's glamour camping.  I won't lie...when the Volunteers began playing that evening, I was right there! 

Anyway, with the not-so-pleasant weather, I didn't decorate like I wanted.  So, instead of showing you our cabin, I've found a few cabins of others that are decorated very nicely.  Ya know, the new thing is to ditch the McMansions and live in the smallest amount of home that you possibly can.  It's funny how things cycle through life, isn't it?  So, here's some of the awesome, tiny homes that I found.
from Tiny House Blog...LOVE the garden!
from REDFIN Seattle Sweet Digs

from The Alternative Consumer

And the last favorite and I know you'll love it too.  Be sure to check out her blog here
from Tiny Shabby Cottage at Shabby Chic Home blog
beautiful living room
salvaged window as is most of the construction
And, the beautiful sleeping loft!
Well, I hope you enjoyed these tiny homes.  I think I could live in one.  Our life would definitely have to change but we once lived in a tiny rental home between selling and purchasing a new house.  It was one of the best times in our family's life.  You really pare down to those things that are truly necessary that's for sure!

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