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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh no...another great idea for altering objects!!

Well, I came across some new (to me) objects that just NEED to be altered.  It's your every day household objects such as old aluminum coffeepots, vintage tins, machine parts, fuses, you name it!  I first saw these in Cloth Paper Scissors' "Where Women Create" magazine.  Amy Flynn, a North Carolina artist, is one of the women featured in this issue.  Her creations are amazing.  Her website is: and it's worth visiting.

Also, if you check out Etsy under Handmade Robots, you'll see what I mean.  Here's one from Etsy's Reclaim2fame:  They are adorable!

So, since discovering these new creations, I've scoured antique stores, thrift stores, my kitchen cabinets, and my husband's tool boxes for parts.  I have a small one in the works.  His name is George and will hopefully be "birthed" this weekend.  I'll be sure to post some photos of his "arrival" when I'm done!

Well, that's not a long blog but I wanted to share my new discovery.  Hope your area of the world is finding some warmer temperatures right now.  We've finally made it to the 40s!!  Stay warm!
This photo was taken by my daughter one day while out just snapping random shots.  I thought the composition, textures, and colors were very nice so I'm posting it!  Thanks Edie for the photo!

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